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"I converted to ecigs 9 months ago and haven't smoked a normal ciggie since. I tried a number of brands, but stuck on smartcigs as the flavours were by far and away the best. I'm now upgraded to a tank system and this is the way forward. Takes a little bit of getting used to the size, but I won't be going back to the cartridges. Excellent product, excellent and friendly service."
"I have been using Smartcigs for just over a year now after a smoking related health scare. They are brilliant! No smell, no mess & easy to carry around, I can even use them inside my local bar so no more standing outside in the rain. Very quick & easy to order on line (they arrive within a couple of days) & so far I have converted three of my friends to using them as well. I would highly recommend the smart cig, I have tried another make of E.cig but they weren’t as effective as these."


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will one cartridge last?
The life span of one cartridge is determined largely by what kind of smoker you are. Our cartridges will typically last the equivalent of about 20-25 tobacco cigarettes for the average smoker, or approximately 240-280 puffs. In the instance of a heavy smoker, that number could change to approximately 160-180 puffs, and for a light smoker it may exceed the expected range of 240-280 puffs. These numbers are just a base guideline, as the actual life of a cartridge varies depending on numerous factors, such as: draw duration, draw strength, frequency of use, etc. Once opened, SmartCarts™ will last roughly 3 weeks. You will know when a SmartCigs™ SmartCarts™ needs to be replaced when the vapour flavour starts to diminish.
I bought the wrong cartridges, can I return them?
SmartCigs™ are happy to exchange any unopened SmartCarts™, the blister seal must remain intact.
I'm not getting any vapour from my cartridge, is there something I'm doing wrong?
Check that your cartridge is correctly screwed into the battery, and not loose. If the problem continues, this may mean that the liquid inside may not be distributed correctly. Try vigorously shaking the cartridge to achieve an even spread.
What cartridge flavours are available?
SmartCigs™ offer a wide range of cartridges;
  • SmartCarts™ Red flavour tobacco (similar to Marlboro)
  • SmartCarts™ Gold flavour tobacco (similar to Benson & Hedges)
  • SmartCarts™ Blue flavour tobacco (similar to Camel)
  • SmartCarts™ Menthol
  • SmartCarts™ Peppermint
  • SmartCarts™ Coffee
  • SmartCarts™ Cherry
  • SmartCarts™ Vanilla
  • SmartCarts™ Strawberry
  • SmartCarts™ Cola
Can I change a half used cartridge if i want to try another flavour?
Yes. You can change your SmartCarts™ as many times as you like. However we do recommend that you store your SmartCarts™ in an upright position, and the rubber caps should be utilised to ensure no liquid leaks from the SmartCarts™.
What's inside the cartridge Vapour?
SmartCigs™ nicotine vapour contains three primary ingredients: Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin (the later two are common additives in food coloring and baking mixes). Propylene Glycol is added to our vapour formula as a vapourizable base, used to dilute pure liquefied nicotine. Because of the low levels of oral toxicity, Propylene Glycol was classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive. SmartCigs™ vapour fluid also contains food-safe flavouring compounds, depending upon which SmartCigs™ flavour you are using, and pharmaceutical grade nicotine (except in our "zero" strength cartridges, these are nicotine free). SmartCigs™ Vapour fluid contains no tar, no carbon monoxide and none of the cancerous agents found in normal tobacco cigarettes, and there is nothing in our proprietary nicotine vapour that will clog or blacken your lungs!
Which nicotine level should I get if I smoke?
When making the change from traditional tobacco cigarettes to SmartCigs™, you may want to experiment with various strengths until you find what's just right for you. Here are some rough comparisons of SmartCigs™ against Marlboro Cigarettes as an example of which strength may suit you.
  • SmartCigs™ Full Strength 18mg = Unfiltered Cigarette
  • SmartCigs™ Medium Strength 12mg = Marlboro Red
  • SmartCigs™ Light Strength 6mg = Marlboro Light
  • SmartCigs™ Zero Strength = Nicotine free, just fresh SmartCigs™ flavours.
There are over 4000+ chemicals in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Many of these chemicals are added to intensify the effect of nicotine, and speed up the delivery of nicotine to your brain. Once you have made the switch to SmartCigs™, you may initially feel an element is missing. This is completely normal; SmartCigs™ does not contain the harmful chemicals that traditional tobacco cigarettes do. You may find the transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes to SmartCigs™ smoother if you increase the dose of nicotine until your body rids itself of all the harmful toxins and chemicals, then overtime, reduce your nicotine consumption until you are only using our zero strength SmartCarts™. Remember: by cutting out all of these toxins you are making a major step towards the betterment of your health!
What is the difference between your tobacco flavours?
After compiling a customer survey our flavours were indicated as follows:
  • SmartCigs™ cartridges are available in three different tobacco flavours to ensure you can find a flavour that suits you.
  • SmartCigs™ Red tobacco flavour is similar to Marlboro cigarettes, offering a smooth tobacco flavour.
  • SmartCigs™ Gold tobacco flavour is similar to Benson & Hedges cigarettes, offering a slightly stronger taste than the Red tobacco flavour whilst still providing a smooth inhale each time.
  • SmartCigs™ Blue tobacco flavour is similar to Camel cigarettes, offering a rich pleasant Turkish tobacco flavour.
How long does a battery last?
Using the latest technology available our batteries run at a constant power and maintain a consistent vapour until the charge is too low to operate the vapour cartridge. As is the case with our cartridges, the life of a SmartCigs™ battery varies depending on the style of smoker you are. A fully charged SmartCigs™ battery can last anywhere from 4 to 5 hours for a heavy smoker to over a week for a light social smoker. The SmartCigs™ Standard Automatic Battery is designed to last as least 250 deep puffs. This is why we recommend you have a spare battery on hand, and to always charge your battery the way we have described in the FAQ. You can correctly charge your battery by only charging it when it is needed, rather than here and there; much like a mobile phone, this will optimise battery life.
How long should I charge my battery?
Your SmartCigs™ battery will take roughly 2 – 3 hours to achieve full charge. You will know when your SmartCigs™ battery is fully charged when the LED on your charger glows green.